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CM - A Night in July. Floral prints 1529460

EPS Ai | 102 MB RAR
A leaflet, a floret, a tiny twig amidst tinyer creatures - all lost in a sooty silence of July night, heavy with heat, heavenly smells and earthly vapours, dreams of a rain and a longing for the things to come.
"A Night in July", collection of 7 seamless floral patterns, is about midsummer mood at its utmost : the peak of the year and the time of our lives.
A bunch of hand-drawn homely motifs and palettes muted and tender, the patterns will bring the cozy and organic feel to your products - let it be
  • stationery & packaging
  • kitchenware
  • bedding textiles
  • wedding paraphernalia
  • or some exquisite artisanal wines ( as you can guess from the title screenshot, this one is my particular favourite :)
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CM - Exotic leaves patterns 2964655


CM - Exotic leaves patterns 2964655



Colorful and bright exotic patterns with exotic leaves! Perfect for desktop wallpapers, picture frames, pattern fills, surface textures, web page backgrounds, textiles, scrapbooking, invitation cards, gift wrapping paper and more.